Indie Electropop artist SIRPAUL™ releases his new album “Escapist Behavior” on 7/14/21. 

SIRPAUL’s absence from pop music for the past five years was more than just a disappearing act. Upon returning to NYC after moving his life to LA, his father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and SIRPAUL took on the role of primary caregiver until the moment his father passed. For him, turning to music was the perfect way to escape and process the trauma of that loss.

He found himself alone in the studio as often as possible, journaling what he was living through as a way to process trauma, but he didn’t want to create an album that would be dark or depressing. Instead, he purposely decided to keep all of the tracks catchy, upbeat, and positive. Escapist Behavior is full of the kind of songs that make you want to get in your car and drive really fast with all the windows open and the music blasting. It could easily become the soundtrack to a perfect summer. On the title track, the hook says it all –

“Sometimes you just need to escape, throw your headphones on, save your worries for later.” 

– SIRPAUL (album title track Escapist Behavior)

In digging deeper, the album reveals only slight traces of the difficulties real life was throwing at him. The result is a collection of poignant pop songs purposely juxtaposed with the fantasy world his music reveals.

“I’ve always had this other world I can escape to and I can only find it through the music.”


On Escapist Behavior, SIRPAUL’s 12-song new album, he set off on a journey that became an intense battle to relearn and elevate his craft. He knew he could continue to make music, even when life was at its most challenging.

“I originally had no time constraints. Then, when we were in lockdown I felt like I had all the time in the world to create, so I took my time sourcing new sounds and drawing inspiration from all over the place. Days turned to nights and I fell in love with making music all over again. I wanted to be present in the process of writing and recording each song because having the ability to create something out of nothing feels sort of magical to me. That’s my escape.”


The album’s release date was delayed three times, which SIRPAUL believes ultimately wound up serving the album well.

“As a writer, producer & engineer, I knew I wanted to become better at the technical side of recording and mixing the audio, but I also wanted to write a lot of killer songs that I could narrow down to make one really strong, satisfying album. I pretty much listened to nothing else but these songs over and over and kept tweaking them until I felt that there was nothing left that wasn’t pleasing to my ears or could take me out of that fantasy world I was creating. That took a lot of time, patience, and isolation… but it was starting to become a bit of an obsessive fixation, and I had to decide that it was done. When it was finally done, I had no idea how it would be perceived by anyone who heard it, but I knew two things for sure; it was definitely worth investing my time in this album and I created something I’m proud to finally set free.”


Five years is the longest time SIRPAUL ever spent working on an album since the very start of his career back in 1998.

“So many factors contributed to the delay of this release, but with patience, I knew that the album would be delivered when the time was right. That time is now.”


SIRPAUL’s new album “Escapist Behavior” is available on Controversial Records worldwide on 7/14/21


SIRPAUL - Out Of Our Minds (Cover Art)


SIRPAUL Releases New Single “Out of Our Minds”

Indie Electropop artist SIRPAUL™ releases a new single “Out of Our Minds” on 3/30/20. The single, which finds the artist delving into Dream Pop with an upbeat house, nostalgic 90’s house vibe that will give you all the feels.

About the single, SIRPAUL says: “This song is about being present in the moment and allowing yourself to feel love. It will definitely make you want to grab someone and dance. I’m definitely still having a torrid love affair with electronic pop music and it’s never been more apparent than it is on this single.” The artist says he chose this song to be the first glimpse into Escapist Behavior, the super emotional new album he says he’s completely lost in creating at the moment. “It’s coming, I promise, I just don’t want to leave this space right now… It feels too good.”

As of now, there is no set release date for the new album, but SIRPAUL says he plans on teasing the album by dropping several new singles leading up to the official release later this year. Although it’s been a long time since his last release, one thing is becoming quite clear- SIRPAUL has mastered the art of the tease.

SIRPAUL “Out of Our Minds” is available on Controversial Records worldwide 3/30/20.



Intimate_Promo 1

Intimate Science (FINAL Cover Art V2)


SIRPAUL Releases New Album “Intimate Science”

Indie Electropop artist SIRPAUL™ released his 8th studio album Intimate Science worldwide on June 7th. Instead of giving you a standard press release, he chose to reveal a special message about Intimate Science:

“There is nothing more personal than our connection to music.  We listen to it when we are alone and vulnerable. We use it to change our mood, and sometimes, we even trust it take us on a journey. Come with me…I want to show you a side of me you’ve never seen before…” – SIRPAUL

SIRPAUL™ grew up listening to a wide variety of electronic music: 80’s New Wave & Pop, Goth & Synthpop, 90’s Dance/Club, House & Rave. He wanted to combine all of those flavors and at the same time, do it with more storytelling. It’s exactly what shapes the overall aural aesthetic of this record into his most revealing work to date.

“The album title Intimate Science comes from my process of making music, which is very private. I always work alone and I can not have other people around when I record. It’s just too intense and requires that I allow myself to become completely vulnerable.  My relationship with my music is the most expansive relationship I’ve ever had.”

When SIRPAUL moved his home base from Manhattan to Los Angeles, it was a huge transition for him and it shook up everything in his core. Suddenly he realized that the work he had been shaping for the two years leading up to this album was missing something very important to him: sexual energy. “I started to record new material in LA that aroused a much more raw and primal part of me. I wound up with about 25 tracks that I carefully curated into collection of 14 songs that cover the entire spectrum of my personal identity as an artist. This is my electropop manifesto for you, #ROYALS. You continue to inspire and encourage me to work harder every day. I will never be able to express my gratitude to you…Thank you for standing by me for all of these years. You are all my #ROYALS4LIFE!


PREVIEW SIRPAUL Intimate Science on SoundCloud


Intimate_Promo 5
SIRPAUL’s new album Intimate Science is available on iTunes Worldwide NOW!


For Immediate Release: SIRPAUL™ Releases New Single “Kiss Me, Kill Me”


The new SIRPAUL™ single “Kiss Me, Kill Me” is the theme song from the Original Soundtrack to the Spellbound Productions Movie Kiss Me, Kill Me. The song was written and produced SIRPAUL™ and pays homage to the infamous James Bond theme song “A View To A Kill” by Duran Duran. The film is a gay murder mystery set in West Hollywood. SIRPAUL™ makes his motion picture debut in the movie as himself, performing”Kiss Me, Kill Me” in a nightclub. EQ Music says the song “lets you know what to expect from the film before you even step foot into the cinema. Pure. ADRENALINE.” The soundtrack features the new single, plus music from Jonathan Dinerstein, Oscar Loya, Ray Isaac, Adrian Michaels & Adam Joseph.

Kiss Me, Kill Me also features Gale Harold, Van Hansis, Matthew Ludwinski, Jai Rodriguez & Shangela from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Currently making the rounds on the Independant Film Festival circuit, the movie is receiving lots of attention as it marks Queer As Folk star Gale Harold’s first time playing a gay lead character since the popular TV show came to an end in 2005. “Kiss Me, Kill Me” by SIRPAUL™ is available on iTunes worldwide now.

Listen to SIRPAUL “Kiss Me, Kill Me” on YouTube

Download SIRPAUL “Kiss Me, Kill Me” on iTunes


Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.56.34 AM

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 12.08.50 PM

SIRPAUL™ Unveils NSFW Explicit New Remix Video for “Black Leather” Directed by House of XY and Releases “Black Leather” Remix / Reboot EP

SIRPAUL™ by House of XY


SIRPAUL™ Unveils Extremely Explicit NSFW Remix Video for “Black Leather” (Del Pino Bros Radio Mix) Directed by House of XY and Releases “Black Leather” Remix / Reboot EP



“Black Leather” Remix / Reboot EPBlack Leather REMIX-REBOOT Cover

Following the massive success of the Indie King of Electropop’s masterpiece “Black Leather” (Uncensored) Music Video, Controversial Records and Sobel Promotions tempt you to unleash your inner voyeur as they reveal the SIRPAUL™ “Black Leather” Remix / Reboot EP: A collection of carefully curated remixes and interpretations of the song that has so far reached over 70,000 views on Vimeo and Youtube combined. Fueled by the highly sexual, suggestive nature of the video, the fever began to spread through quite unconventional means: via porn websites! Once the video went viral, the requests for remixes came pouring in, and Controversial Records & Sobel Promotions managed to seduce the likes of some world-class, dominant musical masters: Del Pino Bros (Spain), Boulevard Saint George (Italy), Jose Jimenez, Michael Ven, Julian Marsh & Reav.

Directed by the infamous House of XY, Amsterdam’s premier erotic visual artists, the original video graphically displays SIRPAUL™ in a night of debauchery and ventures into the depths of the sexual subconscious. The video was inspired by the 70’s cult classic movie “Cruising” and delves into all areas of fetish, domination, leather, BDSM, three-ways and body worship. Now, the naughty boys at House of XY have re-interpreted their original masterpiece and created a brand new NSFW Video Remix for SIRPAUL “Black Leather” (Del Pino Bros Radio Edit)…  Are you curious? You can watch SIRPAUL™ “Black Leather” (Del Pino Bros Radio Remix) EXPLICIT Video Remixed by House of XY, but be warned: this video isn’t for the faint of heart. This video is very NSFW.

***WARNING: Explicit Content. This music video is intended for MATURE audiences ONLY. 18+ ONLY***

SIRPAUL™ – Black Leather (Del Pino Bros Video Mix) from HouseOfXY on Vimeo.

SIRPAUL™ “Black Leather” (Del Pino Bros Radio Remix) EXPLICIT Video Remixed by House of XY

SIRPAUL™ – Black Leather (Uncensored Version) from HouseOfXY on Vimeo.

SIRPAUL™ – Black Leather (Censored Version) from House of XY on Youtube.

Title: Black Leather (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO -HD *Explicit)
Album: Seventh Star
Label: Controversial Records
Director: House of XY
Couture: Gary Symor –
3D animated logos: Rogério Lira –

© 2014/2015  Controversial Records / House of XY Productions / SIRPAUL Songs ASCAP
*SIRPAUL™ is a Registered Trademark of Controversial Records.

This video was created by House of XY exclusively for SIRPAUL™ and Controversial Records. Unauthorized duplication is strictly prohibited.

[DOWNLOAD SIRPAUL™ “Black Leather” Remix / Reboot EP on iTunes:

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 1.05.45 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-02 at 1.05.31 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-02 at 1.03.41 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-02 at 1.04.23 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-02 at 1.04.46 AM

SIRPAUL™ Unveils NSFW Provocative New Music Video for “Black Leather” Directed by House of XY

Black Leather HEADER


Controversial Records Recording Artist SIRPAUL™ Unveils Provocative New Music Video for “Black Leather” Directed by House of XY.


Shot on location in Amsterdam at one the oldest LGBT Rights Organizations in the world COC Amsterdam, brilliant erotic artists House of XY brought the NSFW / NC17 music video for “Black Leather” to life in all of it’s digital glory.  It explores the world of fetish and role play and pays homage to the iconic 70’s movie “Cruising” with a strong essence of male on male sexuality. Featuring couture fashion designs by Gary Symor, SIRPAUL™ once again proves that sexuality is what you make of it. There are no rules. ***WARNING: This music video contains partial nudity and adult themes including sexually explicit images. Viewer discretion is advised.*** 

Are you curious? Come play with SIRPAUL’s mindClick ANY image to watch the Brand New video for “Black Leather” directed by House of XY



<iframe src=”//″ width=”500″ height=”281″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen>Image



***For more information about House of XY go to


“Push Up The Fader”


SIRPAUL Releases New Single “Push Up The Fader”

Indie Electropop artist SIRPAUL™ releases a new single “Push Up The Fader” on 1/15/21. “Push Up The Fader” is a dreamy disco-pop track with a moment in history embedded in the song.

Push Up The Fader was recorded in Brooklyn, New York during lockdown.” According to SIRPAUL, “A magical moment happened while I was in the middle of working on it. I was completely off in my own world, totally lost in the music. I heard all of this really loud noise happening outside. I realized it was 7 pm and that the sound was everyone cheering for the essential workers. After feeling so isolated during that time, 7 pm had become a moment I looked forward to every night. It was one of the only times when I felt connected to the rest of the world during such a difficult time. I stopped recording and ran out to join in. It was unusually loud that night and some people were banging pots and pans together. Some of my neighbors must be musicians as well because they were playing some really dope beats! I grabbed my phone and started recording while we all were cheering. You can hear that moment in the breakdown of Push Up The Fader. It gives me the chills every time I hear it.”

“Push Up The Fader” is the second single and the last teaser from SIRPAUL’s upcoming album Escapist Behavior, due February 12th.  

About the single, SIRPAUL says: “This song is about making the best out of difficult situations. While we were locked down, I spent a lot of time blasting music and dancing outside on my terrace. It felt amazing to just close my eyes and dance. I really needed that escape.”

SIRPAUL’s single “Push Up The Fader” is available on Controversial Records worldwide on 1/15/21.

SIRPAUL™ “Turning Me On” – Remixes Available on iTunes WORLDWIDE – Monday, January 5th, 2015!!!

SIRPAUL™ Banner 2015

SIRPAUL - Turning Me On - Remixes

“Passionately…Violate Me.”

Controversial Records & Sobel Promotions Proudly Present


Turning Me On” – Remixes

AVAILABLE on iTUNES WORLDWIDE on SIRPAUL’s Birthday January 5th, 2015!!!

NYC’s “King Of Electropop” is ready to turn you on with exclusive remixes from chart-topping Sobel Promotions Producers & DJ’s Lucius Lowe, Joe Gillan, Reav, Julian Marsh & Jose Zaragoza.’s Best Dance Artist of 2014 is kicking off 2015 with a BANG!

“Turning Me On” is the fifth single from Seventh Star 
(*Named One of The Top 20 Albums of 2013 by

Preview SIRPAUL™ “Turning Me On” – Remixes on The Official SIRPAUL Soundcloud Page:

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 10.27.08 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-28 at 10.25.37 PM

SIRPAUL™ Releases “Love Sick” Remix EP

SIRPAUL™ Releases “Love Sick” Remix EP


NYC’s “King of Electropop” is back with a huge remix package just for you…

Sometimes it’s fun to get dirty. Controversial Records Recording Artist SIRPAUL™ reveals his new single “Love Sick” on August 12th… It’s a sex-crazed club anthem that’s going to dominate late Summer 2014. The original version of the song was produced exclusively for SIRPAUL by the incredibly talented Keven Maroda and the lyrics are dripping with that sexy SIRPAUL sound. It’s a peak hour anthem that’s so sinfully seductive and catchy you’ll have a very hard time getting it out of your head.

With an international roster of remixers from Italy (Boulevard Saint George aka Daniel Pastroveccio), Spain (Newton aka Daniel Melguizo) and a newcomer from the US called Reav (aka Hunter Reeve) this package is an EDM wet dream. The “Love Sick” Remix EP also includes an unreleased BONUS TRACK called “Strut” which is pure runway filth.

SIRPAUL™ “Love Sick” Directed by ST.AG. Filmed Live on location at Eastbloc in London!