“Push Up The Fader”


SIRPAUL Releases New Single “Push Up The Fader”

Indie Electropop artist SIRPAUL™ releases a new single “Push Up The Fader” on 1/15/21. “Push Up The Fader” is a dreamy disco-pop track with a moment in history embedded in the song.

Push Up The Fader was recorded in Brooklyn, New York during lockdown.” According to SIRPAUL, “A magical moment happened while I was in the middle of working on it. I was completely off in my own world, totally lost in the music. I heard all of this really loud noise happening outside. I realized it was 7 pm and that the sound was everyone cheering for the essential workers. After feeling so isolated during that time, 7 pm had become a moment I looked forward to every night. It was one of the only times when I felt connected to the rest of the world during such a difficult time. I stopped recording and ran out to join in. It was unusually loud that night and some people were banging pots and pans together. Some of my neighbors must be musicians as well because they were playing some really dope beats! I grabbed my phone and started recording while we all were cheering. You can hear that moment in the breakdown of Push Up The Fader. It gives me the chills every time I hear it.”

“Push Up The Fader” is the second single and the last teaser from SIRPAUL’s upcoming album Escapist Behavior, due February 12th.  

About the single, SIRPAUL says: “This song is about making the best out of difficult situations. While we were locked down, I spent a lot of time blasting music and dancing outside on my terrace. It felt amazing to just close my eyes and dance. I really needed that escape.”

SIRPAUL’s single “Push Up The Fader” is available on Controversial Records worldwide on 1/15/21.

SIRPAUL™ “The Horse” Part 1 – Photographed by Michael Young

SIRPAUL™ “The Horse” Part 1 Photographed by Michael Young

SIRPAUL™ “The Horse” Part 1

PHOTOGRAPHER:  Michael Young for

STYLISTS: Hiraku Morilla for Patricia Field and Anthony Passarelli for Controversial Records

HAIR & MAKEUP: Paul Cucinello

DIGITAL: Paul Cucinello


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