SIRPAUL™: Going With The Flow and Showing It Who’s Boss – Interview on

SIRPAUL™: Going With The Flow and Showing It Who’s Boss

BY: TEECO71 – MAY 3, 2012

Who is SIRPAUL™?  At first glance, he is a fashionista mixed with a touch of sex symbol but trust me, it gets much deeper than that. A touch of Madonna with a little Lady Gaga thrown in, but absolutely an original in his own right.  Listen to his music and you imagine a fun-loving guy who would be great fun to hang out with.  Then read about him and see that he has a head on his shoulders, a LOVE for what he does, and he really knows what’s what in the music business.  He’s an artist, a lyricist, a producer, dancer, and a fan of great music.  He is very social media savvy, which connects him directly to what his fans are looking for or, more importantly, need.

I thoroughly enjoyed his answers to my questions, I learned so much about him and I hope you do to:

Q: You are pretty much a veteran of the music business. How has the industry changed in the time you have been recording/writing/performing?

A:  Wow. It’s 100% different than when I started out. Now it’s all about the artist connecting with their fans and I think that’s a good thing.

Q: Tell us a little about your new solo album, ‘The Horse’ and about working with superstar international DJ/Producer Alex Lauterstein?

A:  “The Horse” is the album I always wanted to make… it’s a really personal project that I feel deeply connected to. It’s about facing my fears, owning my sexuality, learning to love and becoming my authentic self. The influences on the album are all sounds that I grew up listening to so there’s a sense of 80s nostalgia in there juxtaposed with modern electropop.

I wanted to create a complete listening experience from start to finish over the course of the 15 tracks on the album. You can listen to every track from my new album “The Horse” on my Soundcloud page before you download on iTunes. I really can’t tell you how excited I am to share it with all of you!!

Alex Lauterstein is one of my best friends and he’s an amazing human being. Working with Alex is always an amazing growing experience for me. I’m a total control freak so it forces me to be open to new ideas. Our side project Simulover is very experimental and we both use it as a way to get out of our comfort zone and express ourselves without any of the constraints we place upon ourselves as solo artists.Simulover will be performing on the main stage at Washington DC Capital Pride on June 9th & 10th. Can’t wait!!

Q: You were making club music for over 10 years in NYC and then changed over to pop. Was this a natural progression for you? What are the similarities? Differences?

A: You know… it’s a very strange thing how somehow I got looped into making dance music first, switched over to pop and now I’ve somehow fused the two genres.  It was a very natural progression for me and I just went with the flow.  When I was feeling like making songs with electric guitars in them, I just did it. When it’s time to dance I certainly don’t hold back either and I just tap into that part of myself that basically grew up on the dance floors of NYC.

Q: Your bio is very impressive, heavy rotation on the Logo television network and a profile on It seems like you are very good at achieving your goals,  what’s up next for you?

A: Thank you. I have honestly worked very VERY hard on my career for a long time.  I am proud to say that I have achieved many of the goals that I’ve set for myself thus far.  What’s up next? Well I’m starting to tour and I’ll be playing at the Poptronik FestivalSeptember 1st & 2nd in Sitges, Spain alongside some of my favorite electropop artists like Garcon Garcon, Bright Light Bright Light, Kazaky, Adam Tyler, Carlos Nobrega, Markus Riva, Martika, Woman E, Queen of Hearts and many more.  In October I’lll be visiting Huntsville Alabama to perform at an Anti-Bullying rally for GLBT Advocacy & Youth Services, Inc. and I’m really excited about being there.  I am currently promoting my new single & video for “Body Connection” (feat. out rapper Loco Ninja) directed byAndreas Anastasis and I will be shooting the video for the next single soon.  Life is insanely busy these days but all very good and exciting things are happening so I’m feeling very blessed.

Q: Today’s artists need to have a Social Media presence as well as the proper knowledge and a good Social Media plan.  In your opinion, how has Social Media changed the industry? Any downside to it?

A: Social media has made it possible for emerging artists to get out there and create visibility for themselves.  I was into it very early and I think it’s helped me stay ahead of the curve and let go of a lot of the resentment that some artists have against digital media.  I think the only downside is that some people don’t want to pay for the music that we, as artists, work so hard to create.  Social Media is amazing but it is an extremely time-consuming, full-time job that you are required to master if you want to have a genuine connection with your fans.

Q: Speaking of Social Media, where can we find you online?

A: Everywhere! You can start here:

SIRPAUL on iTunes

Q: Who are some of your dream artists to work with? Producers? Singers? Songwriters? Musicians?

A: Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Prince, George Michael, Terry Nunn (from Berlin) and Shirley Manson.  I would also like to work with William Orbit & Mirwais.

Q: Reality TV has become synonymous with music. What do you think of shows like American Idol, The Voice, and America’s Got Talent? Are they helpful to the industry?

A: I don’t really watch them but I’m sure that they have their place in helping people get discovered.  I think they are, in their own way, actually helping the industry.

Q: Longevity is something that isn’t easy to come by. What do you think are the most important aspects/tools for an artist to secure they will be around for a while?

A: Stay true to yourself and your brand.  Figure out what sets you apart from other artists.  Don’t jump on the bandwagon of the “new sound” or trend…it’s cheesy. Learn how to use Twitter…it’s the best thing in the world for networking that exists I’m #obsessed.

Q: Do you think some artists put out too much music in a short period of time?

A: Yes. We don’t need every single demo you ever made released as a single.  Take a break, live your life a little bit and then come back with something very strong for your listeners.  We need to missss you!

Q: What’s up next for SIRPAUL™?

A: I’m working on the next video, producing music for some very cool new artists and remixing a lot.  I love to remix artists that are from a different genre than my own, like the remixes I just did for Christopher Dallman & Baby Alpaca.

Q: Anything you want to leave your fans with?

A: I want to thank you for letting me connect with all of you through my art.  I set out to make 2012 the best year of my life and so far it has been truly magical. Command respect, live the life you set out to live, never betray yourself and always remember that you are royalty.  Hit me up on Facebook or Twitter and say hello! Lots of love and light xxx @SIRPAUL

SIRPAUL™ Interview on

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Profiling sexy music artist SIRPAUL™

His name may ring a bell or two, but ladies and gentleman, this is the real SIRPAUL

A New York-based musician and pop junkie, SIRPAUL is about to take the club world by storm- move over Gaga!

Here’s our interview with him, and be sure to listen to his single at the end of the post.

Celebzter: I love the song Body Connection…where did your inspiration for it come from?

SIRPAUL™:I was really missing those provocative songs that were banned from MTV in the 80′s (like George MichaelI Want Your Sex”). I think pop music today is a bit too literal for my taste and there’s no “soul behind the computer ” so to speak. It lacks the sexiness and suggestive nature that major artists like Madonna  & Prince so fluidly worked into their music. “Body Connection” is all about sex…really HOT sex. I find sex very inspiring.

Celebzter: How would you describe the sound?


SIRPAUL™:“Body Connection” is like a futuristic disco/hip-hop hybrid. Let’s just call it Electropop.

Celebzter: And the album The Horse, how would you describe that?


SIRPAUL™:The Horse is the album I always wanted to make. It’s a very personal piece to me because I found myself revealing so much of my subconscious in the poetry of the lyrics. At the same time, melodically speaking, it’s a bit darker than my last albumMusic & Me. It’s very nostalgic and strangely familiar in a lot of ways upon first listen. I wanted to reference a little bit of all of the music I heard in my house growing up with my 4 siblings. We all loved different iconic artists: Van Halen, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Prince, Stevie Nicks…I think you can hear a touch of all of those artist’s influence on The Horse. I also like to push the envelope sound wise and always try to bring something fresh and new to my fans so there’s really something special there for everyone on this album.

Celebzter: You used to write club music, but you made the move to pop….is that something you much more prefer?


SIRPAUL™:Yeah, I’m a pop junkie. I think the term “club music” is so funny because EVERYTHING you hear on the radio today sounds EXACTLY like what we considered “tacky club music” in the 90′s!! I still love to make music you can dance to and I currently work in several different genres of music composition & production but there’s just something so much more satisfying about telling a story through a pop song. Pop music makes you feel good or commiserates with you when your sad. I want to make music you sing to in the shower.

Celebzter: Who and what inspires you?

SIRPAUL™: Innovative thinkers. People who are progressive in their creative process and push their own boundaries without thinking about whether or not they will end up with a commercially successful end result or product. I like to push buttons so I find myself inspired by people who aren’t afraid to  cause a little controversy.  I’m endlessly intrigued by characters like Tom Ford, Madonna, Johnny Depp, Tony Ward, Prince & David Bowie… People that appeal to both sexes. They trigger the primal aspect of the male and female sexual psyche. It makes you uncomfortable. I think I’m kind of like that and that can be very powerful.

Celebzter: is it harder or easier now for people to get their music heard?

SIRPAUL™:It’s easier to release your own music but that just makes it harder to find the diamonds as you sift through the sand. If you want to be heard you better be very tech savvy because if you blink you will miss your opportunity to make a virtual connection that could potentially change your career and get you noticed. Back in the real world things haven’t changed- If you want to be heard sometimes you just have to scream.

Celebzter: You’ve been in the club circuit for quite some time, you must have had some interesting experiences….care to share just one?

SIRPAUL™: Oh nightlife. Such a twisted little microcosm… I always see celebs at Gay clubs in NYC because they feel like they can hide out there and let loose, gay or straight. (See? Gay clubs really are just better, sorry!) I remember going to see my friend Larry Tee DJ at a party in Williamsburg and when I walked in I saw this stunning, really tall drag queen sitting against the wall relentlessly swaying back and forth to the music. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her for some reason…probably because it turned out  she wasn’t a drag queen, it was Naomi Campbell.

Celebzter: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

SIRPAUL™:Confidant, Creative & Real.

Celebzter: What can we expect from you in coming months?

SIRPAUL™:I’m shooting the video for my new single “Body Connection” (featuring Out Rapper Loco Ninja) in mid March and my new album The Horse comes out on April 3rd on iTunes worldwide. Then I head to LA to attend the LOGO NewNowNextAwards.

Celebzter: What do you think about the current crop of pop talent? Who do you love, who do you hate and why?

SIRPAUL™:I’m a big fan of all things pop but I must say…it’s time to let the robot voice go! We’ve all been there and done that (myself included). Now it’s time to actually be able to identify who is singing the song. Honestly? Britney, Katy, Rihanna, they all sound indistinguishable at this point. The artists I love always fly just below the radar and I’m totally fine with that. I loveRobyn. She is hands down my #1 girl. Pure talent, innovative sounds and an all around amazing performer. I’m also feeling some new electropop male duos: The Sound of Arrows (whom I just finished a remix for that I’m very excited about!) &Garcon Garcon.  They’re bringing a fresh alternative to the “fem-bots” that are currently in heavy rotation on the radio.

Celebzter: Lastly, you have trademarked the moniker SIRPAUL…. why did you choose that name? We take it you haven’t had any reaction from “his” people yet?

SIRPAUL™:I honestly didn’t choose the name it sort of chose me.  My father used to call me “Sir Paul” because I was a very well spoken child and it just kind of stuck in my head. When I was growing up I was bullied a lot in school and as I got older, it taught me a lot about respect and treating people the way you want to be treated yourself. I realized that the name my father gave me commanded respect and I liked that. There are other singers who’ve recently adopted the prefix “Sir” in front of their name and people always ask if that bothers me. I personally could give a shit. I just think if you are such a creative person than maybe you should at least come up with your own name? I’m glad I knew enough to trademark my name SIRPAUL way back in 1998 because soon after doing so, Paul McCartney was knighted and people started to call him Sir Paul. You can call him whatever you want but he will always be Paul McCartney from the Beatles. There is only one real SIRPAUL™ and that’s me.