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Intimate Science (FINAL Cover Art V2)


SIRPAUL Releases New Album “Intimate Science”

Indie Electropop artist SIRPAUL™ released his 8th studio album Intimate Science worldwide on June 7th. Instead of giving you a standard press release, he chose to reveal a special message about Intimate Science:

“There is nothing more personal than our connection to music.  We listen to it when we are alone and vulnerable. We use it to change our mood, and sometimes, we even trust it take us on a journey. Come with me…I want to show you a side of me you’ve never seen before…” – SIRPAUL

SIRPAUL™ grew up listening to a wide variety of electronic music: 80’s New Wave & Pop, Goth & Synthpop, 90’s Dance/Club, House & Rave. He wanted to combine all of those flavors and at the same time, do it with more storytelling. It’s exactly what shapes the overall aural aesthetic of this record into his most revealing work to date.

“The album title Intimate Science comes from my process of making music, which is very private. I always work alone and I can not have other people around when I record. It’s just too intense and requires that I allow myself to become completely vulnerable.  My relationship with my music is the most expansive relationship I’ve ever had.”

When SIRPAUL moved his home base from Manhattan to Los Angeles, it was a huge transition for him and it shook up everything in his core. Suddenly he realized that the work he had been shaping for the two years leading up to this album was missing something very important to him: sexual energy. “I started to record new material in LA that aroused a much more raw and primal part of me. I wound up with about 25 tracks that I carefully curated into collection of 14 songs that cover the entire spectrum of my personal identity as an artist. This is my electropop manifesto for you, #ROYALS. You continue to inspire and encourage me to work harder every day. I will never be able to express my gratitude to you…Thank you for standing by me for all of these years. You are all my #ROYALS4LIFE!


PREVIEW SIRPAUL Intimate Science on SoundCloud


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SIRPAUL’s new album Intimate Science is available on iTunes Worldwide NOW!


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