SIRPAUL™ Releases “Love Sick” Remix EP

SIRPAUL™ Releases “Love Sick” Remix EP


NYC’s “King of Electropop” is back with a huge remix package just for you…

Sometimes it’s fun to get dirty. Controversial Records Recording Artist SIRPAUL™ reveals his new single “Love Sick” on August 12th… It’s a sex-crazed club anthem that’s going to dominate late Summer 2014. The original version of the song was produced exclusively for SIRPAUL by the incredibly talented Keven Maroda and the lyrics are dripping with that sexy SIRPAUL sound. It’s a peak hour anthem that’s so sinfully seductive and catchy you’ll have a very hard time getting it out of your head.

With an international roster of remixers from Italy (Boulevard Saint George aka Daniel Pastroveccio), Spain (Newton aka Daniel Melguizo) and a newcomer from the US called Reav (aka Hunter Reeve) this package is an EDM wet dream. The “Love Sick” Remix EP also includes an unreleased BONUS TRACK called “Strut” which is pure runway filth.

SIRPAUL™ “Love Sick” Directed by ST.AG. Filmed Live on location at Eastbloc in London!

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