SIRPAUL™ 2-Part Exclusive Interview with Caesar Live N Loud



I had the pleasure to interview SIRPAUL™! I’ve introduced you to this great artist last week and now you have the chance to get to know him a bit better! Check out Part 1 of my interview!

1.    Who came up with the concept for Body Connection music video? What was the inspiration behind it?

Director Andreas Anastasis came up with the concept and it was inspired by Madonna’s “Justify My Love”, all of those controversial Tom Ford ads where he’s all suited up with beautiful naked bodies around him and the controversial novel “50 Shades of Grey” by E. L. James.


2.    The collaboration with Loco Ninja was a perfect combination of electro music with hip-hop. What made you pursue this collaboration?

I always loved the idea of having a rapper featured on one of my tracks but I never really found a lyricist who had the right sound for what I had envisioned. I had never met Loco until after we recorded his part of the song! I heard his music through friends on Twitter and I could tell he was really talented. He said that he was interested in collaborating and I thought “Body Connection” would be the perfect fit for him to be featured on.  I’m really happy with the result.


3.    With whom would you love to work with and why?

I want to work with Madonna.  I feel like she has lost touch with some of the elements of what her fans loved the most about her music.  As a producer, I would love to get her back to being focused on the quality of the song as a whole and force her to work harder if she wants to be the person writing the lyrics.  Enough with the nursery rhymes…let’s get back to creating the iconic, innovative songs we love to hear from her.  I also want to do duets with Shirley Manson from Garbage and Terri Nunn from Berlin.  Their voices would work well with mine.


4.    Your sonority is quite sexy and very much into the dance scene.  Who are your musical inspirations?

I am influenced by the great pop icons of the 80s like Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, George Michael & Prince. I’m also very obviously influenced by New Wave and synthpop bands like Depeche Mode, Erasure and New Order. I love Deee-Lite and came up in the NYC 90’s club scene so you can hear all of those musical influences on my new album “The Horse”.


5.    When will we be graced with a brand new single off The Horse?

Soon! I really want to give “Body Connection” enough time to get inside your subconscious and stay there for a while.  The next single is going to be announced soon and I’m hoping to start working on that video ASAP!! I’ll keep you all posted 😀


6.    Are you excited about performing at the Poptronik Festival in Sitges?

Oh my GOD…YES!!! These are all the bands that I listen to and I feel so blessed and honored to be sharing the stage with them.  I’ve never been to Spain before so this is going to be such an exciting magical experience for me. 


7.    Where would you most like to perform?

At Madison Square Garden in NYC.  It would just completely blow my mind.


8.    If you were given the opportunity to choose between touring with Britney Spears or Lady Gaga who would you pick and why?

I would loooove to tour with Gaga but she’s got such a diehard fan base that I think it might make it difficult for any opening act to really shine. Soooo….I’d choose Britney.  She’s so checked out of her own career right now and it’s my turn to do my thing.


9.    Do you believe now that being an artist and being openly gay is easier than it, lets say 10 years ago? What has changed?

It’s such a hard question to answer because the fact that I’m gay is such an insignificant part of my music.  I write universal songs that people can relate to, listen to and hopefully make their own.  I hate the idea of having to hide your sexual orientation for anyone and that’s why I hesitated to ever meet with A&R people from record labels and instead I started my own label, Controversial Records, through which I release all of my music exactly the way I want it to sound.  I need to be authentic and stay true to myself and my art. That’s what resonates with people in the long run.


  10.  Looking at The Horse booklet we can absolutely agree you have a great body. What do you do to get those abs? And how many times do you go to the gym to keep it up?

Thank you 😀 I never had this body until I came up with this crazy idea to be photographed NAKED on a HORSE! So to get in shape for that shoot, I cut out wheat, dairy, soy and red meat from my diet and started to work out 6 days a week for two and a half hours a day.  It sounds completely insane, but it’s become a lifestyle change that I have made permanent.  I feel too good inside and out to sacrifice that for anything.







And time for Part 2 of my interview with the one and only SIRPAUL! 🙂 These are “easier” questions comparing to the ones on the first part. We find out his thoughts on illegal downloads, which celebrities he would love to have sex with (hehe, hope he doesn’t have a problem with this).


1.    What are your thoughts on illegal downloads? Have you ever downloaded a song illegally?

I think it’s the reason why I’m doing this interview with you right now! People don’t like change and the music industry is 100% different today than it was 10 years ago.  I always download my music on iTunes and pay for it (you should too!) BUT… In the event that I can’t find a song there or anywhere that I can pay to download it and I find it for free? I’ll download it.  I’m an audiophile and I like my music to be the highest quality audio there is so MP3’s really don’t cut it for me in the long run and I wind up replacing every illegal download with a legal one.  It all really just viral marketing and promotion so as far as my music is concerned, I just want you to have it any way you can get it. It’s kind of like a first date, you should always offer to pay.


Now a bit of easier questions,  hehe.

2.    What artist are you listening to on your iPod?

All boys for once, actually! The Sound of Arrows, Baby Alpaca, Garçon Garçon, Bright Light Bright Light, Patrick Wolf, Christopher Dallman & SIRPAUL. Really loving the This Beat is Poptronik – Volume 1 compilation too!! Soo well-curated.


3.    If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?

I have a really great 2nd career in the beauty industry but I secretly want to start a mens fashion line and eventually create a SIRPAUL signature fragrance.


4.    What are the five things you cant live without?

My husband Paul, my family, Black Eyeliner, Glycolic Acid & good hair products.


5.    Which 3 celebrities would you most like to have sex with?

Ooooh!! You’re gonna get me in trouble with this one!!! LOL!  I’ll say Johnny Depp, Joe Mangianello and Megan Fox….all at the same time :O


6.    Would you rather have super strength or super intelligence?

Super Intelligence.


7.    What is the best vacation you have had?


Italy with my entire family.


8.    If you were stranded on a desert island, what is the ONE thing you would miss the most?

My husband Paul Salvatore Petersen.


9.    Team Jacob or Team Edward? Why?

Is that a Twilight thing? I have no idea who these people are. LOL


10.  Is acting on your future plans? What genre of film or TV show you would like to star in?

You know, it would be a huge challenge for me but I’m totally open to it if the right opportunity comes along.  I’d like to do something serious and meaningful before I ever step foot near anything comedic.  I do have a really twisted sense of humor but I still think I’m too self-conscious to let go enough to do comedy…yet.



11.  Ten years from now you will be.

A household name.  All caps, one word: SIRPAUL 




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