SIRPAUL™ “The Horse” Officially Released on iTunes April 3rd, 2012


SIRPAUL - The Horse

SIRPAUL’s new album The Horse is officially released on iTunes April 3rd, 2012.  14 of the 15 tracks on the album were entirely written, recorded, produced, performed and mixed by SIRPAUL.

The album is receiving early critical acclaim by some of the most influential electropop music blogs and critics like & says:  ” SIRPAUL has very much created his own style of cleverly accruing tongue in cheek and tastefully sexually cultured ‘audioporn’ content.  If you are crazy mad on synth pop, or enjoy very good pop to bop too, “The Horse” whilst an accomplished music piece, is not pretentious of it’s polish, it’s fun with a capital F and although it is 15 tracks long it’s careful to shift it’s dynamics too keep the listener engaged, bolstering broad appeal to the wide music consumer market.  Last word on it – It’s quite something you should buy it!” says:  “If you are a fan of electronic music, this is one album you do not want to miss.  The Horse is an album that any pop artist would be proud to call their own. Strong production elevates the majority of the tracks, with waves of synthesizers and drums machines to complete the albums cohesive, solid sound. Each song moves naturally into the next, which is exactly what SIRPAUL was going for.” says:  “SIRPAUL is back with a vengeance! We had the privilege of getting an advanced copy of his new album, “The Horse”, and have been playing it nonstop ever since. It is truly a labor of love which seemlessly weaves elements of the music we grew up with while maintaining its modern edge. This idea of reflecting on your past while embracing the present is a philosophy we subscribe to (it’s even in our mission statement). What this all means to you is “The Horse” has something for everyone. ” says: SIRPAUL™ has released a new album, and it is amazing. The Horse is a colossal 15-track collection. From the start to the finish, it is evident this is a Thoroughbred, earning a blanket of roses with a display of superior ability and incredible grace. The echoing sound of hooves beating down move closer, and your pulse increases. No, not for fear of being run over by a horse, but because you know SIRPAUL™ is going to take you on another incredible journey with his latest release, The Horse. (with) The opening track Ride.

Download SIRPAUL’s New Album The Horse on iTunes and receive the Digital Booklet containing complete lyrics and original photographs by Michael Young.

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