SIRPAUL™ Attends The NYC Premiere of The Casper Andreas Film “Going Down In La-La Land”

SIRPAUL attended the star-studded NYC Premiere of Casper Andreas new film “Going Down In La-La Land” at Cinema Village on Friday, April 20th. Here are some images from the premiere and after party at XL Nightclub.

SIRPAUL on the Red Carpet with film star Matthew Ludwinski & Director Casper Andreas at the NYC Premiere of Going Down In La-La Land

Going Down In La-La Land star Matthew Ludwinski & SIRPAUL at the NYC Premiere

Going Down In La-La Land star Allison Lane & SIRPAUL at the NYC Premiere

Joey Taranto (star of “Rock of Ages” & “Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark” on Broadway) & SIRPAUL at the NYC Premiere of Going Down In La-La Land

Paul Salvatore Petersen ( & SIRPAUL at the NYC Premiere of Going Down In La-La Land

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack features SIRPAUL’s Candy Apple Blue-penned theme song “Going Down in La-La Land” which was remixed and produced by SIRPAUL. The song is also featured on the brand new Aztec Records compilation “This Beat Is POPTRONIK – Volume 1” Both albums are available NOW on iTunes.

Download the “Going Down In La-La Land” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Download the Aztec Records Compilation “This Beat Is POPTRONIK – Volume 1”

Features BOTH “Going Down in La-La Land” by SIRPAUL & “Tourniquet” by Simulover

SIRPAUL™ “Going Down In La-La Land” [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] – Directed by Mark Odgers


SIRPAUL™ Releases Controversial New Music Video “Body Connection” (feat. Loco Ninja) Directed by Andreas Anastasis

SIRPAUL™ released his controversial new music video “Body Connection” (feat. Loco Ninja) on April 17th, 2012 via  About the Andreas Anastasis directed mini-movie, EQ says “it’s dirty, it’s sassy, it’s a little Justify My Love by Madonna, controversial Tom Ford ads and the book 50 Shades of Grey all rolled into one 7 minutes of pure pop pleasure by SIRPAUL

Are you curious?

SIRPAUL™ “Body Connection” (feat. Loco Ninja) Official Music Video Will Premiere on 4/17/12

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Brand New SIRPAUL™ “Body Connection” (feat. Loco Ninja) Official Music Video  Premieres on EQ Tuesday, April 17 2012!!

Paying homage to the classic controversial music videos of the 80s & 90s like Madonna’sJustify My Love” and “I Want Your Sex” by George Michael, “Body Connection” adds a fresh layer of modern eroticism a la 50 Shades of Grey with a Tom Ford-esque aesthetic.

The 7 minute long-form music video was directed by Andreas Anastasis and was filmed on location at a beach house in Quogue, New York.

“Body Connection” features out rapper Loco Ninja and is the lead single off SIRPAUL’s critically acclaimed new album The Horse.

SIRPAUL™ Live From The Red Carpet At The 2012 Logo NewNowNext Awards on

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SIRPAUL™ Live From The Red Carpet At The 2012 Logo NewNowNext Awards

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You may remember we did an interview and profile with huge musical talent SIRPAUL™ a while back, here he brings us his report from  the 2012 Logo NewNowNext Awards in LA.

He writes…

The most colorful names in pop culture were flaunting some daring fashion and putting on quite a show at the 2012 Logo NewNowNext Awards on April 5th at Avalon in Los Angeles, California.  The show (which aired on April 9th at 10pm on MTV’s Logo channel) recognizes “who’s who” and what’s hot in pop culture.  This year, yours truly – SIRPAUL™- was invited to make an appearance on the red carpet to promote my new single “Body Connection” (feat. Loco Ninja) and talk about my new album “The Horse”.

It was a star-studded event that left no fashion moment unimagined. From pop stars to movie stars to drag queens and everything in between, this years show was something truly unforgettable. Check out this slide show of called All of the WTF Fashion from Logo’s NewNowNext Awards. I think you will get the idea LOUD and clear.

This year’s host Kelly Osbourne made a whopping 7 costume changes! Kelly also humorously pointed out that she has earned her right to critique other people’s fashion choices (on her hit show Fashion Police) while a slideshow played behind her revealing every fashion-don’t moment Kelly’s ever had! (Gotta love a girl who can poke fun at herself and blame her past poor fashion choices on drug use!)

Designer Jeremy Scott was wearing a “bedazzling” leather outfit to accompany the look he created for his muse, China Chow.  China brazenly wore a Jeremy Scott original coat made of hand dyed, 100% human, rainbow colored hair!

Perez Hilton himself may have actually stole the show! Hisfreshly remodeled torso made it’s own appearance as he appeared shirtless on the red carpet wearing only a jacket and matching pants. (I guess if you’re working out that hard, you want to show it off, right? I’m certainly not one to talk here. I mean have you seen my new album cover!!)

After falling in line with major fashion icons, TV & Movie Stars and some pretty major pop stars to do press, we all gathered inside to watch the drama unfold before our eyes…and let me tell you this:  It was sheer madness!

Some stars played it safe like The Hunger Games Josh HutchersonBusy PhillipsAshley Madekwe & Christa Allenfrom ABC’s Revenge and some played it sexy like Kat GrahamJanina GavankarThe Talk’s Aisha Tyler and comedienne Heather McDonald.  (Some we wished would’ve played dead like the not-so-friendly Kyle Richardsof The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills who sat next to her “plus-one” Faye Resnik and talked smack abouteveryone in the room all night.  Surprised? We actuallywere.)

One of my newest obsessions is supermodel Andrej Pejic.  Even though you’ve seen him in every major fashion magazine and on the runway, this gender-bending rule breaker is totally real, super cool and down to earth. (Not to mention beyond stunning.)

I got chat with some fellow up-and-coming electropop stars like the event’s DJ for the night, Kerli who was super cool and very down-to-earth despite her very out-of-this-world outfit

One of the evening’s most memorable performers was new comer Rye Rye. Her energy was way over the top with inflatable beach toys, a chinese dragon and backup dancers that put Salt N’ Pepa to shame. Her new single “Boom! Boom!” is infectious! Check it out HERE.

What a difference a year in the pop-star machine can make! Sadly, I didn’t have the chance to speak with last year’s DJ and one of this year’s main acts Neon Hitch.  She looked super hot as she performed her new single “Love U Betta” with some backup dancing courtesy of this years lineup of drag queens from Logo’s most popular showRuPaul’s Drag Race.

I had to save the best for last. Two words: Adam Lambert.  The American Idol star’s performance of his new single “Trespassing” was a mind-blowing power anthem second only to Queen that ended in a massive explosion of confetti that I’m still finding all over the place while emptying out my suitcase.

Until next time… xxx @SIRPAUL

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SIRPAUL™ Exposed on – Full Album Review & Exclusive Interview

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SIRPAUL is back with a vengeance! We had the privilege of getting an advanced copy of his new album, “The Horse”, and have been playing it nonstop ever since. It is truly a labor of love which seemlessly weaves elements of the music we grew up with while maintaining its modern edge. This idea of reflecting on your past while embracing the present is a philosophy we subscribe to (it’s even in our mission statement). What this all means to you is “The Horse” has something for everyone. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with SIRPAUL, plug his album and find out the details surrounding his controversial album cover.

Bop2Pop: Let’s just get this out of the way. You are naked and on a horse on your album cover. That takes some balls. What gives?!
SIRPAUL: HAHAHA!! Well, I have two very good friends who own a horse farm (upstate NY, near Salt Point) and they were kind enough to let me and (the photographer) Michael Young re-interpret a very famous painting calledMazeppa.

Bop2Pop: Well it works really well and it’s a very flattering picture of you (I want those abs!). There’s a sexual energy to it and like the album, suggests you capitulating to its movement. And if you got it- flaunt it.
SIRPAUL: Thank you :D I gave myself about a month and a half to really get in shape for this shoot. I put myself on a very specific diet and exercise plan to make sure I looked good enough to feel comfortable getting naked. Now I’m making this diet and exercise plan a lifestyle change…I’ve never felt better in my life.

Bop2Pop: We at bop2pop are unabashedly in love with electronic and synthpop music from the 1980s. On your new album, “The Horse”, there’s a potpourri of musical influences from that decade. Was this a conscious decision on your part and how has that music influenced your album?
SIRPAUL: Yeah it definitely was a conscious thing, but all of that 80s music is woven so deeply into my subconscious that I probably couldn’t shake it off if I wanted to! I was really inspired by the most random music from that time period: Van Halen “Jump”, The Pointer Sisters, Duran Duran, Madonna and some of the rock bands that were dabbling in disco like The Rolling Stones & Queen as well as some of the more sexually forward artists whose songs caused so much… Rod Stewart “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” & George MichaelI Want Your Sex”.

You are set to release a video for lead single, “Body Connection”. You’ve tweeted that this video is going to sizzle! Can you tell us about the filming process and give us a hint as to what to expect?.
SIRPAUL: I actually JUST walked in the door from screening the first cut of the video with Director Andreas Anastasis and I immediately approved it…It’s done!!! It’s crazy sexy & suggestive without ever showing any nudity or even one scene of kissing. It was I, guest rapper Loco Ninja, 2 male and 5 female extras. I chose to include the sexiest people I know. We got in a van and drove out to a beautiful beach house in the Hamptons and everyone stripped down into lingerie and underwear and started crawling all over each other. The on-screen chemistry was out of control. The video basically explores the male sexual psyche. It’s about how when men start to get sexually aroused it’s like they are on a runaway train until they climax…but this video never lets the viewer get there. It’s such a tease and that’s what makes it so hot! It’s definitely waaaaaaayyy too hot for TV.

Bop2Pop: A standout track on your new album is “Strict” which explores themes of domination and submission. This is vaguely familar since you explored the same themes on “Tourniquet”, your collaboration with Alex Lauterstein and Simulover. (“Tourniquet” made our top singles list last year). Are we sensing a pattern here?
SIRPAUL: Yeah, it’s kind of a coincidence. I like to sing about sex…I find sex very inspiring. I guess I’m just a very dominant person and I’ve always appreciated when someone is turned on by that. When Alex and I wrote “Tourniquet” for our Simulover album, we wanted to write a song about someone having a latex fetish that actually made having Safe Sex or wearing a condom a fetish in itself. When I was writing “Strict” for my album The Horse, I was exploring the idea of how testosterone turns men into animals and our primal sexual instincts basically take over and you just fall into your role of dominance or submission without really thinking about it…until it’s over.


Bop2Pop: Speaking of Simulover, How is working independently different than collaborating?
SIRPAUL: Oh god, working with Alex has changed me as an artist in so many positive ways. It’s made me grow in my song writing abilities. It’s made me think much harder about my choices as far as chord progressions go, and it’s made me care a lot less about forcing myself to adhere to any self-imposed rules. Alex brings a certain level of sophistication to Simulover and we have so many exciting things happening both collaboratively and independently. (Alex is about to release his first single “Smoking Signals”!!) When I work by myself I am completely obsessive about every detail being exactly the way I envision it sounding. When I work with Alex, I spend most of my time forcing myself to be open to trying new things. It’s very rewarding. We are so excited to be performing at Washington DC Capital Pride this year!! It’s an amazing opportunity for Simulover and we are planning something VERY sexy for our DC boys and girls on June 9th & 10th.

Bop2Pop: Another highlight for us is “Universal Love”. We play it all the time. It’s the perfect track to get ready to go out to. What inspired you to write it?
SIRPAUL: “Universal Love” is about how the LGBTQ community can take the most busted, broken down place and turn it into something beautiful. I’m so sick of our community not getting any credit for all of the positive energy we bring into this world!! Without us your hair, makeup and clothing would suck, your house would be ugly and entire neighborhoods would be run down and never have the opportunity to be resurrected. We as a community love to celebrate life and anyone who has gay friends or family members will more than likely count that person as one of their favorite people in the world, trust. “Universal Love” is about wanting to shake off the drama and stress of everyday life and just say “fuck it… let’s go out dancing & party tonight!!”

Universal Love

Bop2Pop: What do you have in store and how can future and present fans find out more about you?

SIRPAUL: There is soooo much happening in “SIRPAUL World” my head is spinning! My album just came out (like 10 minutes ago), The music video for “Body Connection” is ready to be released soon, I’m heading out to LA on Wednesday to make an appearance on the red carpet at the MTV/Logo NewNowNext Awards, I have The Horse Album Release Party and Concert in NYC on April 14th at Rockbar and I’m starting to tour which will bring my ass everywhere from Huntsville, Alabama all the way to Sitges, Barcelona for the Poptronik Festival on September 1st & 2nd to perform with Bright Light Bright Light, Martika, Monti Montanez (of Menudo!), Lady Joker, Woman E, Adam Tyler & Johnny Lazer!! My theme song from the movie “Going Down in La-La Land” was just released on the Original Motion Picture soundtrack, the movie comes out on April 20th and both “Going Down in La-La Land” and Simulover’s “Tourniquet” will be featured on a compilation called This Beat is…Poptronik Vol. I Hmmmm….what else? Oh! You can find out more on my website, you can find me on Facebook at and you can follow me on Twitter @SIRPAUL

Thank you so much for your time. You can definitely count on bop2pop being at Rockbar on April 14 and be sure to pick up the album, “The Horse”, out TODAY on iTunes!

Photography by Michael Young


SIRPAUL™ “The Horse” Officially Released on iTunes April 3rd, 2012


SIRPAUL - The Horse

SIRPAUL’s new album The Horse is officially released on iTunes April 3rd, 2012.  14 of the 15 tracks on the album were entirely written, recorded, produced, performed and mixed by SIRPAUL.

The album is receiving early critical acclaim by some of the most influential electropop music blogs and critics like & says:  ” SIRPAUL has very much created his own style of cleverly accruing tongue in cheek and tastefully sexually cultured ‘audioporn’ content.  If you are crazy mad on synth pop, or enjoy very good pop to bop too, “The Horse” whilst an accomplished music piece, is not pretentious of it’s polish, it’s fun with a capital F and although it is 15 tracks long it’s careful to shift it’s dynamics too keep the listener engaged, bolstering broad appeal to the wide music consumer market.  Last word on it – It’s quite something you should buy it!” says:  “If you are a fan of electronic music, this is one album you do not want to miss.  The Horse is an album that any pop artist would be proud to call their own. Strong production elevates the majority of the tracks, with waves of synthesizers and drums machines to complete the albums cohesive, solid sound. Each song moves naturally into the next, which is exactly what SIRPAUL was going for.” says:  “SIRPAUL is back with a vengeance! We had the privilege of getting an advanced copy of his new album, “The Horse”, and have been playing it nonstop ever since. It is truly a labor of love which seemlessly weaves elements of the music we grew up with while maintaining its modern edge. This idea of reflecting on your past while embracing the present is a philosophy we subscribe to (it’s even in our mission statement). What this all means to you is “The Horse” has something for everyone. ” says: SIRPAUL™ has released a new album, and it is amazing. The Horse is a colossal 15-track collection. From the start to the finish, it is evident this is a Thoroughbred, earning a blanket of roses with a display of superior ability and incredible grace. The echoing sound of hooves beating down move closer, and your pulse increases. No, not for fear of being run over by a horse, but because you know SIRPAUL™ is going to take you on another incredible journey with his latest release, The Horse. (with) The opening track Ride.

Download SIRPAUL’s New Album The Horse on iTunes and receive the Digital Booklet containing complete lyrics and original photographs by Michael Young.